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IP Telephony (IPTSP)

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IP Telephony (IPTSP)

ConnectTEL allows you to transfer voice over the IP protocol, which results in cost reduction; - up to 50%.

Its simple implementation has enabled a constant evolution in terms of reliability range and every presence.

Corporate use of IP telephony allows calls within the company to have a cost of 0, even when the company has branches in different locations.

  • Costs reduction by integrating the entire company telephone platform in the same system no matter if they are in the same location.
  • Low-cost maintenance, the users themselves can configure their terminal according to the company needs.
  • Real-time reports,control the service and optimize phone communications and available resources management.
  • Greater functionality available than with traditional telephony.
  • Centralized operation, featuring a SER (Single Electronic Receptionist) in which every call enters via a single point and is routed to its destination, achieving better work time management.
  • Transfer, if a user is out of the office, the center can transfer the call directly to their cell phone, therefore avoiding time loss and improving efficiency.
  • Adaptabilility, the IP telephony service can be accessed from all kinds of devices, Tabs, cell phones among others.